How Can We Possibly Evolve?

How Can We Possibly Evolve?

Written by Christian Cintron on March 25, 2020 in Articles
Originally published on Magick LA (Link to original)

The beginning of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows starts with, “These are dark times…” Well, this is not that movie, honey. Now is a time of expansion and evolution. These are scary times… yes. Complicated times…definitely. Confusing times….you bet your ass. An ass oddly preoccupied with TP.  But honestly, I believe the reason people are so scared is because we are entering into a New Age. New Age philosophy has been around at least since the 1960s. But talk of a New Age for humanity goes even further back than that. “New age” has been scoffed at as the talk of hippy-dippy and woowoo people.  But that is their resistance to the message of love, freedom of spirit, and positivity. 

It is a sad time. We are at a crossroads. This is the type of moment that tests us on a genetic level. Natural selection is finally coming for humans. And we have to survive, evolve, or die. Corona literally means crown. I believe we must decide if we are kings and queens in this world or the next. We are on the front lines of a battle. Not between Russia and the US. Not between Democrats and Republicans. Not even between the Light or the Dark. It’s the battle between Love and Fear. We are being called upon to become unified, integrated, and, dare I say it, a United State of Ourselves. 

I’m not the first person to point out the connection between love and fear. It’s been eluded to in many faiths, spiritual practices, and can be projected allegorically into most fiction. Every epic battle can be viewed as one between love and fear. Let me start by stating the obvious fear is not good for the immune system. We cannot control if we die. You managed to make it to this point in life without worrying about dying so I invite you to lighten your emotional load and let yourself put your fears aside…for now. 

In his book, The Mastery of Love, Don Miguel Ruiz talks about how we are essentially either in a place of fear or love. To expand on that I want to share something from a personal miracle worker for me, Miata Edoga. She’s the creator of Abundance Bound, a financial company that helps artists learn to manage their relationship with money and abundance.  She puts it, dare I say it, perfectly. We can either be in the pain cycle or the power cycle. The pain cycle is where we are making decisions based on emotions. The power cycle is where we make decisions based on clarity and facts. If you are an artist or spiritual person struggling with money check out her website. 

She also pointed out in a meeting with her, that we have three brains. Our animal brain, our emotional brain, and our cognitive brain. Our animal brain controls fight or flight, our emotional brain gives us emotions to learn about the world, and our cognitive brain processes information. We must get out of the animal brain based on fear that just eats and poops and sleeps. We must get out of our emotional brain that just reacts. We need to get into our cognitive brain. That’s where the magic happens. Creativity, innovation, and evolution. 

To add my “secret ingredient” to this Stone soup  I believe there are three types of…everything. And by everything I mean thoughts, feelings, ideas, relationships, interactions, shows, movies, etc. I’m going to chemistry for this one. Remember ions? There are negative ions, positive ions, and neutrons. Neutrons are the base state. They’re balanced. But sometimes ions need an electron. Sometimes neutrons have an extra ion. In the Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield talks about how we will move from a world where people get energy from other people and get energy from a divine source. This book is 20 years old. This book was instrumental in my spiritual and psycho-emotional development. 

Let’s take that idea further. There are thoughts, ideas, emotions, and energy that drain us. We call people “energy vampires.” Look at the President. He feeds on the energy of other people. But he’s also painfully insecure and empty. If not, why would he be trying so hard to get a reaction out of everyone? On some level, it feeds the toxic echo chamber of Twitter retweets and distracting media manipulation. But it’s because we give him energy. We must, like in Harry Potter, look away, not say his name. Not to be oblivious. Not out of fear. But out of love for ourselves. We are being called on to bunker down and find out how to fix the mess he made with freedom from eviction and the involvement of others. 

There are neutral emotions, interactions, ideas. Simple facts like paying the bills, cleaning our house, or talking to a co-worker. They don’t make much impact. They’re fun. They’re chill. They serve their purpose. But you can’t grow in monotony and mediocrity. Our society does reward some for mediocrity. But I think a global pandemic is a pretty major equalizer. It’s funny that I don’t hear anyone calling this an act of God. Hell, if the Westboro Baptist Church wants to blame gays. I’ll jump on that cross. I am thriving. Having been raised in an unstable background, a crisis is my comfort zone. 

 Now here’s where the magic comes in: positive ions. Now I don’t mean blissful ignorance or wishful thinking. I mean true uplift-ment. When you inspire others. When people give and then other people give and they make something together. When their hearts and minds and spirits are open you create energy out of nothing. This is how we can heal. This is the clean energy scientists need to harness. But many already know it…love.  This is how we can make true magic in the world and make the impossible possible.  

When we shift from a world where peace is based on mutually assured destruction to a world where peace is made by mutually assured success we can create this New Age. And let’s be real, considering a reality star/failed businessman is the President of a nation I believe we are in the timeline where anything is possible. I’m rooting for superpowers.

So while you are sitting in isolation realize we are like caterpillars. First, all they do is eat. They move by expanding and contracting. As so too, must we expand our minds, hearts, spirits, and ideologies. Then we contract inward to process and incorporate all we’ve learned. And so too, must we let our lungs expand and take in every last drop of delicious life energy, prana, spirit, love, joy, whatever the f you believe life is worth living for. Then contract our lungs releasing all the petty concerns of a pre-Covid19 world. Lather, rinse and repeat. And the universe will keep making us expand our horizons in vicious or delicious karmic cycles that teach us lessons and make us stronger. Then we enter into a cocoon. A chrysalis. We turn to goo. We become nothing. Our lives shrink until we become something completely different: a butterfly. I’ve done this many times. But I know, at least for me this time it doesn’t hurt. Before this crisis, I lost my job. I lost contact with all the people in my life and I descended into darkness. But now I’m living the life I choose and sincerely living my best life. 

I just want to say from my cocoon to yours. There will be times when you doubt yourself. When you fear there won’t be enough food or enough money. You’ll never be enough to make that thing, get that job, or live that dream. You’ll never be thin enough, smart enough, pretty enough or sexy enough.  There won’t be enough room in your tightly constricted heart to open to love. To love yourself. To try yet again to hope. But, if you don’t you’ll just have to start all over again. So, why not make it easy on yourself. 

I will leave you with three parting ideas from three vastly different worlds in the hopes of planting a seed to help you evolve. From the darkness, may I offer in nihilistic Rick & Morty. Unity is a virus that brings a whole planet to peace. For my neutrons out there, In Star Trek, there’s the Borg a species that merges with technology, sound familiar? They say, “Resistance is Futile.” And we too must not resist growth. To add a third Harry Potter reference in the hopes J.K. Rowling materializes like Beetlejuice in my apartment. ”Only take in that which makes you stronger.” We must focus on the things that give us the energy, that feeds the thirst of our spirit. This thirst is what causes war, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and the world’s ills. We should be open to unity on the planet. But first, let’s take this quiet time to unify ourselves.