The Collector's Club

  • Are you somewhat unconventional, a strayer of the well-worn path, an aficionado of the beauty in the odd and the eccentric?  
  • Do you surround yourself and decorate your space with one-of-a-kind, hand-made, quirky art?
  • Are your favourite art pieces charming and functional (clothes with pockets?!), but ALSO invokes reflection and conversation?

      If any of these sound like you, then...Congratulations!

      You’re probably a creative fart as well! 

      Art has many purposes and one of the most fun provides a mirror for internal conversations. It’s an outlet for you to explore abstract thoughts and concepts that is not only self-beneficial but helpful to others as well! Making your conflicting abstract feelings into a tangible piece of art is downright magical. Being able to have a conversation about it and connect with others, is spiritual. 

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