It's a Me! Amy!

Hi! I’m Amy, I make ceramic pieces that portray confusing emotions in existential crises. It’s what being human is like right?! I come from the animation world in Los Angeles as a prop and character designer and have previously worked for companies like Disney TVA and Netflix. I like to play with the conceptual and the cartoon, the silly and the serious and I attempt to make light of being metaphorically lost and found. I aim to explore and deepen my emotional honesty and need all the help I can get…will you join me? You can add me on Instagram, join the Collector’s Club for email updates and conversations, or support me on Patreon!

Developing Your Own Visual Language

Art has many purposes and one of the most fun provides a mirror for internal conversations. It’s an outlet for you to explore abstract thoughts and concepts that is not only self-beneficial but helpful to others as well! Making your conflicting abstract feelings into a tangible piece of art is downright magical. Being able to have a conversation about it and connect with others, is spiritual. 

I offer Reflective Art Coaching, where we work 1-on-1 through a journaling process to turn your history, thoughts, and emotions into your art style. To learn more, email me below!

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