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Art Career and Portfolio Coaching

Art Career and Portfolio Coaching

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  • Are you an art student who’s looking for direction into the art career of your dreams in the Animation/Entertainment Industry?
  • Do you want consistent check-ins and feedback so that you know you’re crafting your best portfolio, angled towards your ideal niche?
  • Or maybe you’re feeling stuck and just need someone in your corner to help brainstorm pathways so that you can keep improving and growing.

With my background in the Animation Industry (DisneyTVA/Netflix/Puny) and education (UCLA Fine Arts, Art Center Entertainment Design, CDA, Brainstorm) I will use my personal and professional experience to support you so you’re never feeling alone, lost or stuck. I’ve gone through the Fine Arts, Entertainment, and the Independent artist route and have developed a unique experience as well as a network of professional peers and mentors that can help me help you.

You’ll receive:

  • A complimentary introduction to get to know each other, discuss what your goals are for your ideal future career, previous struggles, and plans to overcome blocks to move forwards.
  • A follow-up email that sums up our introduction meeting as well as includes a plan of action.
  • 1 hour check-ins through Discord to ask how everything is going, alternatives to overcoming any stumbling blocks, and re-strategizing so we're more on target with your goals.
  • Every meeting will come with an email summary with clear action steps.
  • Unlimited text support between meetings.

My aim is to accelerate your path to your goals while building up your self-authority so you leave with the ability to trust and help yourself. If any of the above resonates with you or if you have questions, please email me and we'll discuss where you are, how to get to where you want go (even if you might not know for yourself yet) and what you can do now. 

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<3 Life is scary, let's tread gently together!

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