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"Purgatory" Lamp

"Purgatory" Lamp

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The cord comes out the base of the head, held cautiously with one hand, scissors in another. One eye, filled in with gold, the other still unfinished in the symbolism of Japanese Buddhist Darumas. Purgatory arises from contemplation around the choices we make, whether it be self-destructive or self-discovery, these lessons become our own once we decide. Reflected is also the question of the viewer as a witness and whether one is pulled towards the role of the afflicted or of the observer. 

Purgatory is made with Babu porcelain. The main pieces are wheel thrown then added on top with details. Once sculpting is finished, the piece is slowly dried and then fired for the first time. It is then glazed and fired once more to reach its fully vitrified state. Selective details are then adorned with precious 22 karat gold and luster fired. Electrical wiring is then threaded through the vessel and assembled.

*Interactive sculpture, scissors are detachable.

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