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S.O.L - Totems Collection

S.O.L - Totems Collection

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Seek . Obtain . Love . (SOL) 

Spiritual Daruma Hard Enamel Pin
The Third-Eye Daruma totem opens up the mind’s eye to hidden higher possibilities. This totem acknowledges and lifts one’s awareness, but requires patience to make the inner-quest of one’s forever unfolding path.

Odin's Eye Hard Enamel Pin
The Odin’s Eye totem blesses one with insight. It is a reminder of Odin’s sacrifice for the attainment of higher knowledge. This totem acknowledges a greater reality than what is seen but that can also be felt by the heart and directed by the mind.

Starry-Eyed Hard Enamel Pin
The Starry-Eyed totem transforms sight into vision and seeing one’s dreams through, even to the end. It is a culmination of one’s hopes, sacrifices and love for the pursuit of the cosmic adventure; a symbol of the undying explorer.

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